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10 Reasons Why Businesses Don’t Follow Jobs’ Example

Now that the posthumous praise for Steve Jobs begins to ebb, one wonders why we love Jobs and his success at Apple — but eschew his lessons. 1. No One Really Likes a… Continue reading

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YP: Changing Names, Losing Relevance

Somehow I missed this. Where was I? How did I miss this announcement? This is BIG! Back in April, AT&T formally announced that Yellowpages.com is now YP.com. Whenever a company changes its name, one… Continue reading

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How the Internet is “Flattening” the Marketing Mix

Now that we’ve discussed the traditional view of the marketing “mix,” I’d like to provide some thoughts on how the Internet is flattening that mix–and changing the way organizations think about their products… Continue reading

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Marketing 101: The Four “C”s

Last week, I posted a reminder on the marketing mix — the four “P’s. They are: Product (or service) Place (of distribution — or within the supply chain) Price Promotion While the four… Continue reading

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Chevy Runs Deep: The New ‘New Coke?’

So, GM has launched a new ad campaign for its Chevrolet brand. We might all recall — not that many months ago — the hoopla of GM insisting that folks refer to “Chevrolet” —… Continue reading

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