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10 Reasons Why Businesses Don’t Follow Jobs’ Example

Now that the posthumous praise for Steve Jobs begins to ebb, one wonders why we love Jobs and his success at Apple — but eschew his lessons. 1. No One Really Likes a… Continue reading

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So Long, Steve: Thanks for the Memory

Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple on Wednesday. We knew the day was coming—especially with his health issues. Today’s Wall Street Journal notes, “The announcement likely marks the end of one of the… Continue reading

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Vision. And the Permission to Believe

I can honestly say I’ve heard the term “vision” so much that I thought I knew what it was. But, until I worked for a certain CEO some years back, I had no… Continue reading

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Executive Leadership & Branding: What Does it Take?

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, some executives may understand that a “brand” is important. But, dig a little deeper, and you may realize that the same people don’t fully comprehend what a… Continue reading

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