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How Will Your Employees Remember You?

While rummaging through the piles of paper I call my “archives,” I ran across a “thank you” note received some years ago from a former supervisor. The note took me back more than… Continue reading

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Context Matters

Just watched an interesting TED Talk about a new(er) concept concerning the development of cancer. Breast cancer researcher and Distinguished Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Mina Bissell discusses how the extracellular matrix and the environment… Continue reading

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Which ‘type’ are you? Gene Kranz? Or that Grumman guy?

Apollo 13. Love that movie. I watch it so often that my wife and kids no longer moan when it’s on. As Americans…as humans…it really was of our finest hours. The tragic events… Continue reading

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Organizational Narcissism: Readers Respond

Several readers responded to my recent post “The Perils of Organizational Narcissism” to me via e-mail. Some of their responses follow. As far as “remedies” for this situation are concerned, as some readers… Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why Businesses Don’t Follow Jobs’ Example

Now that the posthumous praise for Steve Jobs begins to ebb, one wonders why we love Jobs and his success at Apple — but eschew his lessons. 1. No One Really Likes a… Continue reading

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Let’s Turn Off Our Electronics for One Minute…

I can’t help but feel the loss of Steve Jobs’ passing. Didn’t know the man. Never met him. But news of his death strikes me like that of an aunt or uncle whom… Continue reading

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So Long, Steve: Thanks for the Memory

Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple on Wednesday. We knew the day was coming—especially with his health issues. Today’s Wall Street Journal notes, “The announcement likely marks the end of one of the… Continue reading

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